5 Tips to Help Your Partner Fall in Love with Your Dog

5 Tips to Help Your Partner Fall in Love with Your Dog


5 Tips to Help Your Partner Fall in Love with Your Dog

It is the moment of truth. You’ve been dating someone new and you’re ready to take the next degree. And by “next degree, ” we mean introducing them to your beloved dog.

You may expect the initial introduction to go smoothly, but it’s just as likely that it could use the complete reverse direction. Your dog might be protective, abrasive, jealous, or even aggressive. To help prevent this from taking place, follow these four simple steps to slowly expose your long-time love, your puppy, to your new cherished one.

Step 1 : Get your dog used to the new scent

This idea is also employed by planning on parents who own dogs. Since your dog experience the world through his or her nose, introduce the scent of your spouse before you introduce your actual partner.

Simply bring home an article of clothing that belongs to your considerable other. This is often anything from an old sweatshirt to a pair of socks.

Let your dog sniff the article of clothing, and follow up with a treat. Sure, your dog has likely smelled the fragrance upon you before, but if he associates it with happy feelings, he’s likely to be more accepting the new stranger.

Always give your a treat each and every time he smells the clothing.

Step 2: Routine a meeting

After giving your pet time to get acclimated to the new scent, it’s time for the in-person meeting. Decide for a location that your dog will not feel protective over–a neutral territory like a playground or a wide, well-lit trail.

Here comes the fun part. It’s important to let your dog make first move! Have he or she stand to the side of your pet without making direct eye-contact, and wait for your dog to step forward and sniff.

After the initial smell, feed Fido a treat and continue to try this for the next few times.

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